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Specialist and Bespoke Life Insurance

There are occasions when the type of insurance you require just isn’t available off the shelf. All is not lost ......... as in numerous situations we are able to obtain a quote that is based exactly on you and your circumstances.

Rather than running the risk of not having any cover at all, we will work with you to find a policy that gives you what you want.

Why the need for Specialist and Bespoke Life Insurance

The insurance policies offered by the UK’s mainstream insurers are designed to meet the needs of the vast majority of the population. However if someone comes along who requires cover for a very high sum, or to protect a key player in the business on overseas business etc, the mainstream insurers will decline the business, even if it is considered a good risk. This is simply because they are not set up to deal with the unusual.

We have built up relationships with syndicates at Lloyd’s of London whose business is dealing with cases exactly like this. Lloyds syndicates pick and choose which insurance they are willing to offer. On occasion they may, or may not, have an appetite for a particular life case.

In such circumstances we are able to discuss your situation with the underwriters and ensure they understand the issues facing you and the things you want to protect. They will then offer you terms which you can accept or decline as you see fit.

Some of the most common reasons for requiring a bespoke insurance policy are as follows :

  To cover UK nationals working abroad
  To cover risk while an individual works on a specific high risk project
  To provide cover when a mainstream life insurance company postpones cover
  To cover employees working in politically unstable areas
  To protect “New Wealth” while sophisticated mainstream policies are put in place
  To top up a death in service benefit above a group scheme limit for a key executive or employee
And many, many more.

Whatever your insurance requirements are, please talk to us on 020 33 55 4831

Key Features of Specialist and Bespoke Life Insurance

By their very nature these are bespoke policies, therefore terms and conditions will vary on a case by case basis. We will always issue the terms before you buy any policy. The following represents some common themes :

A policy will not normally run for more than 12 months. If cover is required for a longer term, say Keyperson insurance for 5 years, this is normally done via an annually renewable policy where the insurer offers terms on an annual basis.

Just because they are bespoke policies, it doesn’t mean you can get insurance to cover any eventuality. Insurance is all about risk from both the customers and the insurers perspective. In the majority of cases people buy insurance to protect themselves against what may happen, and the insurer assesses them against a general profile of similar people to calculate the likelihood of an insurable event happening, and therefore the premium. However on occasion the likelihood of an insurable event occurring becomes so great that the insurer will not want the cover. Our underwriters have a much greater tolerance for risk than mainstream insurers, but will nevertheless need to make a commercial decision.

Please Note : This is not a guaranteed acceptance plan.

Disclosure : As with all insurance polices it is the responsibility of the person insured on the policy and / or the policy holder to ensure that all material information is disclosed at the point of application. If you are at all uncertain about whether an information or condition is material then you must disclose it. Failing to disclose material information could result in your policy being cancelled and claims not paid.

Please use these forms to provide details of your insurance requirements.  
Completed form can be faxed to 0871 277 1422 or via email to
    In all cases please complete the General Life Insurance Questionnaire and send it to us with the appropriate
supplemental questionnaire(s)
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Download General Life Insurance Questionnaire
General Life Insurance Questionnaire  
        Supplemental Questionnaires  
Download Pre-Existing Medical Condition Questionnaire
Pre Existing Medical Conditions  
         Please complete one form for each condition you have  
Hazardous Occupation Questionnaire
Hazardous Occupation  
Hazardous Country Questionnaire
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Get Bespoke Life Insurance Quotes
Whatever your insurance needs, talk to us. We cannot guarantee to obtain cover in every instance, but if there is a market for your business we can find it.
These are just a few examples of business where we have been able to provide insurance
  £2 million cover for an executive on a 5 year secondment to Zimbabwe
  Permanent disability insurance for somebody diagnosed with early onset of Leukemia
  Keyperson insurance for global marine loss adjuster
Given the specialist nature of our business we are also able to obtain specialist Buildings and Contents insurance in the following areas :
  Criminal Conviction Insurance
  Listed Buildings
  Unoccupied Buildings
  Unusual Construction Buildings
Please call us on 020 33 55 4831 for a no obligation quote.
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